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For as long as your little white cavalry son has a scar on his chin, she will win.

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Natalie wins and wins. Natalie wins forever.

But in reference to the forward slashes, they aren't meant to be exciting. I hope they make the readers' eyes uncomfortable, that they physically and musically express the disjointed, jagged experience explored in the poem.

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The text within the slashes can be removed but is responsible for the fractured experience. I've had people ask me, "Well, how am I supposed to read the slashes? Then, they realize it's no answer. It's downhill from there—ultimately, the asker ends up revealing that their great-great-great-something is an Indian princess.

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Conclusion My brother was Dracula and I was Tonto far longer than we should have been allowed to trick-or-treat. Back in those good old days of Halloween youth, we were the only Indian vampire everyone now knows that all natives are werewolves and Indian-fake-Indian "Up On The Hill. She just laughs. To add to the insult, my father reminded me that "Tonto" means dumb-dumb in Spanish.

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In Their Own Words. But, then you grow, change, and evolve, and you start to feel some dissonance surrounding these beliefs. You probably heard even more rules that were specific to your body, culture, or family.

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Think about it, your life changes, your body changes, and your career may change too. The rules are also specific to them as an individual, which is exactly how you should take on style advice or any advice in life.

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Take what applies to you and what feels good, and let the rest pass you by. As soon as you start focusing on how you feel in an outfit, and you care less about what hypothetical judgements you will receive, the more confident you will be able to enter situations in your life. I just love you! In the near future, it will be passed on to another of his cousins.

This is particularly true if you have a relative with children that are staggered in age in parallel to your own.

click here I wanted to try to estimate exactly how much swapping clothes, using hand-me-downs, and buying clothes from yard sales and secondhand shops has saved us over the years. If you have multiple children, handing down clothes will save you a lot of money. Even if you have one child, getting hand-me-downs from a friend or relative then passing those clothes on when your child outgrows them can save you some real cash, too.