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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families is an invaluable guidebook to the welfare of families everywhere. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. Stephen R. Front Matter. I am clear that I must manage the fear that can invade all of us. It is similar for all Nicaraguans, because we continue in a system that represses, persecutes, harasses and still has more than innocent citizens imprisoned.

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Repression is seen every day and we have to fight against it and the system. I decided to return believing that it is the right decision after having made an analysis.

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My agenda at the international level, which we had organized as a student youth movement, the Nicaraguan University Alliance AUN , was pretty much fulfilled. This does not mean that the work ceased internationally but that my function at the international level was coming to an end. During the 12 months that I was away I did not waste time.

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I continued working for Nicaragua, and the difference with today is that now I will do it from here. What do you come to do? To safeguard yourself in a safe house or to actively work in opposition to Ortega? The first thing is that I return for my love for Nicaragua and return to live. In any case the issue of security has to be taken in consultation with those of the movement.

I come again, as when I left, to be part of the spaces I was physically in… I return to the spaces within the Civic Alliance, in the National Unity and to continue the struggle.

George Strait - I've Come To Expect It From You Lyrics

And, above all, to encourage the opposition forces to find a clear common purpose, and to continue building an alternative proposal for those that identify as blue and white, but still have doubts about this process. To the person that is skeptical, which is normal for Nicaraguans, but is awaiting a new proposal to believe in and above all to be able to fill the gaps that the regime may leave.

Mistrust is natural, but in any case, it is to manage what we have. I assumed my responsibility in the first days of April, on April 18, when we started with this civic and peaceful struggle. And today I reaffirm that, my conviction remains immobile. I come to work for Nicaragua from the inside. You come to incorporate yourself to the Civic Alliance, what can you contribute to the Alliance returning from exile? There has been much hard work in the international arena… we also created that link.

7 Things You Should Stop Expecting from Others

There was a lot of feedback, both from where I was and from the tours [of Alliance members to the US] that were made. I accompanied the tours when they arrived, for example to Washington, where we had contact with the international community.

In a heterogeneous way, different sectors are fighting against the dictatorship. I return to the Civic Alliance, physically, because when [Alliance member and fellow student] Max Jerez has spoken I have spoken, and when I speak Max speaks. It is a matter of trust above all, an understanding that everyone does their job and we are not indispensable.

I return under this approach: each one works by sectors, we are there by name, we are not there as figures but because of what we can contribute. And I feel useful, I feel that I can contribute. You also return in a context where, although it does not want to be admitted, there are discrepancies within the opposition on the way to confront the Ortega dictatorship and soon also, probably, a great alliance will be announced.

Which is your position around the alliance that is going to be announced or that is being discussed? The new proposal in which we all be aligned is the departure of Ortega, with freedom, justice and democracy. It is an effort to generate more credibility. The regime is weakening every day by inertia. That is, the persecuting and harassment, generates a cost for the government.

It also generates wear and tear with its officers, because they are also human beings. Differences and discrepancies are natural, because we have a fractured opposition.

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As a result, we are aware that it is necessary to build an alternative to corner and take Ortega to the door he must cross: the negotiating table. I am not a demagogue to tell you in what period of time he will do it… it is both the international and national pressure that will make him reach again for a negotiating table where we can achieve the electoral reforms. They are the keys to the process to guarantee public freedoms and also the civil and citizen rights agreed to at the negotiating table that recently ended.

And justice for the victims, that was your first demand in the first dialogue?

michaelsedatis.de/includes/3068.php In any case it is the third banner, besides freedom, democracy and justice. We have accompanied the process.