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The only time when into does not involve a sense of within is when some kind of change or transformation has taken place. The caterpillar changed into a butterfly and left its cocoon behind.

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In developing countries, ceramic filters are often used to transform dirty water into clean, drinkable water. In and to are both prepositions or adverbs in their own right and in may sometimes be an adjective. When they fall logically next to each other in a sentence, you may find yourself having to resist the temptation to squish them together typographically. One pitfall appears when you use in as part of a phrasal verb.

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Many verbs join forces with in to form a completely new meaning. For example, to drop and to drop in are radically different actions. When an in hat is part of a phrasal verb falls next to a to , accidents happen.

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I dropped into say hello. I dropped in to say hello. Is say hello a place you can drop into and land inside of? So in and to should be written as two words. Dropped in is a phrasal verb in this case, and to is part of the infinitive to say. He simply maneuvered his car in to the driveway. Ethan turned in to the driveway. In the early days of radio, a common error was to write about tuning into a favorite station. Today, in cyberspace, the most common misstep is to write about logging into a program, operating system, app, or website.

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I like to tune into the classical radio station on Sunday mornings. I like to tune in to the classical radio station on Sunday mornings. Please log into our website by clicking on the red icon. Please log in to our website by clicking on the red icon. Catherine Traffis. Works on all your favorite websites. Basics Program vs. Programme—What's the Difference? Label Drag City.

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