Das Schwert: Thriller (German Edition)

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Grimes and the Jail Birds. Most of these narratives take place in and around Belfast as the epicentre of the violence.

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The problems regarding the development of an emancipated female gender-identity within an ideologically indoctrinated patriarchal society is the key aspect of a thorough examination of the female experience of the conflict. This positive view on Belfast and Northern Ireland is closely linked to progressive developments within the peace process and a reduction in violent attacks.

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New formats and styles for an innovative approach regarding the representation of cityscapes in Troubles fiction developed and represent the most significant feature of contemporary northern Irish fiction. With this and their use of humour and irony, the writers succeed in a demystification of the conflict and its ideologically motivated causes. However because it is written in German and not translated into English as yet it might not reach the wide audience it deserves — a pity! The journal explores all aspects of Irish literature, history, culture and arts from ancient times to the present.

Contents - Previous document - Next document. Comptes rendus de lecture. Angela Vaupel. Bibliographical reference Stephanie S chwerter , Literarisierung einer gespaltenen Stadt.