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I have been reading extensively on the subject and have discovered some interesting things that are not in the standard text books. These Monks study and follow a form of Christian Mysticism as they wander the countryside of Spain relentlessly pursued by Bishop Juan Phillipe of the Inquisition. As Bishop Phillipe learns more about their teaching he begins to transform in his thinking, never quite reaching the point of joining with his enemy, but developing strong sympathies for him.

Thank you for sharing your breakfast and writing life, Bill. When a new story idea strikes, I respond in one of four ways. Never write it down. Treasure it as a gift and then set it free. I love new ideas. New stories are shiny compared to that manuscript going through Revision New stories smell of promise, rose petals, and newly turned earth. Yesterday I thought: I should write a Vampire Romance.

This morning I woke with an idea.


An excellent idea. Anything else I could do today would pale in comparison with working on this truly stupendous idea. I should drop everything—like editing Chapter 16 of the third Abishag Novel and writing down design ideas for my Abishag cover artist—and work on this story. The rain comes down in torrents, perfect for letting seeds germinate. I could write the vampire story in unreadable notes in my moleskine, let the molten words flow onto the pages. He speaks with a slight foreign accent.

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Better than moleskine notes, it would be organized, legible, and outlined from beginning to end. Or I could lie in bed and watch the story un-scroll. Forget the Netflix DVD on tap tonight. When I wake tomorrow, the story will be gone, but I will remember it as perfect, untrammeled, and sweet. I promised a friend that I would be disciplined this Saturday and revise two chapters in Riddle in Bones before starting the beat sheet for the vampire romance. Let me make it clear at the start: I did not pirate the book.

So I am no treasure-stealing hooligan. Pirate means that these are guidelines rather than rules. I am an impatient person. That should explain why I read the book before starting the class. I am an engineer. No worries, Jen Hatmaker. This is still about your work.

A seven-month experimental mutiny against excess, tackling seven areas of overconsumption in the spirit of a fast; a fast from greed, irresponsibility, apathy, and insatiability. Each area boiled down to just seven choices for a month:. Only seven foods for a month. Only seven pieces of clothes for a month. Give away seven things we own a day for a month. Eliminate seven forms of media for a month. Adopt seven substantial habits for a greener life. Spend money in only seven places.

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Sigh of relief. Rapid prototyping can include writing spaghetti code for software, building breadboards for hardware or an engineering model developed in a garage shop , and architecture modeling for the system. Sophisticated apps can also wring out design options, potential problems, and risk mitigation. My front end preparation included whittling down the list of spending venues, creating a study sheet for the sacred pauses, buying heirloom seeds and early planting for the garden, and having anxiety attacks over the future media and clothing fasts.

I also produced rapid prototypes for the food and possessions experiments. Okay, the sandwich without my regular hot-sweet mustard tasted a wee bit dry. Oh wait, avocado is already on the list! Filling a box with books was my quick test for daily giving away seven possessions. It took less than ten minutes to fill the box, and included more than seven books. Keeping the box in my trunk will serve as a mobile lending and giving library for friends and members of my various critique and write-in groups. On a different day, I happily gave away some professional office clothes to a between-jobs friend.

Yesterday I cleared a few items from my pantry for another friend on a limited income. This may be my favorite excess fast. Can you imagine a lighter load? I can and am ready to mutiny!

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I cannot describe how thrilled I am to see it there. The excerpt begins at a small cafe in Venice, California, and the e-zine editor chose a wonderful photo for the feature. Can you detect a theme? The salad is self-explanatory and a typical winter one for me but let me tell you about the roasted cherry tomato spread. Author Debra Young gave me the recipe for slow roasting tomatoes usually heirloom for two hours after dousing the tomatoes in olive oil mixed with thyme.

After spreading the roasted tomatoes on the baguette, she will often sprinkle with feta cheese.

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Sam Spade in the Warner Bros. Then they meow in their secret cat language of feline. Bogey knows the difference between English, French, and Spanish. All the novels contain blatant clues that tell young readers that something is wrong; the cats realize this immediately, while the humans supposedly never do. In the first novel, international cat shows are entered by an arrogant Austrian Count and Countess with a pampered white cat-girl with a diamond necklace upon a silk pillow. Only the cats know that the Count and Countess brutalize their show cat regularly.

The police are clueless while Buckley and Bogey solve whodunit, and lay a trap to make the robbers reveal themselves to the other humans.

Supporting, informing, elevating, and promoting quality anthropomorphic fiction and its creators.

The third novel presents hugger-mugger in the dinosaur exhibit at the local museum, and a parade of suspicious characters after a long-missing treasure. This is unusual as being presented as different volumes of the same title. Cats on the Prowl, Book 1. Cats on the Prowl, Book 2. Cats on the Prowl, Book 3. Willow, a fluffy white Persian cat, comes to live at the Nelson Police Station. In Book 2, Nat and Willow attempt to investigate a new human murder, but they are sidetracked by gang warfare between the Thorndale and Stevenson alley cats.

In Book 3, the two police-station cats investigate the murder of the owner of a luxurious Cat Hotel for pampered pussies. One suspects that the very short time between these three novels means that the publisher Collins Collective stockpiled them before publishing any. Books 1 through 3 were published between August and November , then nothing.

Will there ever be a Book 4?

Spirit Hunters. Book 4: Shadow of the Oni , by. Morrisville, NC, Lulu. Now here is Book 4: Shadow of the Oni. Like the last two books, this has a cover by R. Potter and interior art by Voracious Fescue. The Spirit Hunters series is set in the Sacred Isles, a fantasy world of traditional Japanese mythology roughly in the Heian era, about or A. Sura and Chiri, and any other animal-people who the quartet meet, are what make these books worth reading by furry fans.

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They can shift among three forms: human except for animal ears and tail; anthropomorphic, looking human but with an animal head, full fur or feathers, and tail; and fully animal but still able to talk. While the first three books are basically light adventures, Book 4 is the darkest yet. A decade later, the four Spirit Hunters take refuge from a rainstorm in a long-abandoned shrine:. Ebooks and Manuals

Surely the entire priesthood could not have been destroyed? The altar had once been tightly bound by prayer ropes. They now lay charred, severed and decayed. Sura searched and found a carved wooden charm — weirdly bubbled and corrupted. She looked at it with an incredulous chill. Tonbo knelt. He, too, could feel the colder air concentrated just ahead.

Sura lowered her guard — her eyes fixed on the empty space just ahead of her. She moved with an almost gentle care. It wants to speak. Suddenly the ghost sagged, as though a terrible memory had flooded into her. She sank down, lost and hollow.