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Chapter One - Freedom. The past returns so it's time to face it. Let bygones be bygones. To create the first Magic Square 15 above, you let a be equal to 5, let b be equal to 3, and let c be equal to 1. Here are some others:. Here's a magic square that not only adds up to in all directions, but it does it even when it's upside down! If you don't believe me, look at it while you are standing on your head!

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Or, just copy it out and turn it upside down. OK, here's a neat way to win bets with a magic square. Call a friend on the phone. Have him or her get a pencil and paper and bring it to the phone, so he or she can write down numbers from 1 to 9.

Tell your friend that you will take turns calling out numbers from 1 to 9. Neither one of you can repeat a number that the other one calls out.

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Both of you then write down the numbers 1 to 9. Then when your friend says one of the numbers he or she draws a circle around that number, and so do you. When you say a number, you draw a square around that number, and so does your friend. The winner is whoever is the first one to get three numbers that add up exactly to Say you go first and you call out 8.

Your friend might call out 6.

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You then call out 2. Your friend calls out 5, and you call out 4. Your friend calls out 7, and you call out 3. Then you tell your friend that you have just won because you called out 8, 3, and 4, which add up to Your friend will want to play again. So this time you can bet him you'll win, with the condition that in case of a draw where you use up the numbers 1 to 9 without either of you getting a 15 total nobody owes anything.

The tricks Actually the trick is based on both tic-tac-toe and a magic square. The magic square look like this:. Because this is a magic square, every row and every column and every diagonal adds up to So if you've got this square in front of you with your friend on the phone, you can put an X in the squares of the number you call out, and an O in the squares of the numbers your friend calls out.

Then, just like in tic-tac-toe, you try to get three X's in a row, because those will always add up to So in the example above, when you call out 8, you put an X in the upper left corner. When your friend says 6, you put an in the upper right corner. And so on. You need an ordinary pack of cards for this wower. No fancy shuffling is required. Just follow these easy steps:. Here's a trick to wow them everytime! Have someone write down their Social Security number.

Then have them rewrite it so that it is all scrambled up.

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If they don't have a Social Security number, have them write down any 9 digits between 1 and 9. If there are any zeroes, have them change them to any other number between 1 and 9. Then have them copy their nine numbers, in the same order, right next to the orginal nine numbers.

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This will give them a number with 18 digits in it, with the first half the same as the second half. Next change the second digit to a 7, and change the eleventh digit this will be the same number as the second digit but in the second nine digits to a 7 also. Then bet them that you can tell them what is left after dividing the number by 7 faster than they can figure it out by hand. The answer is 0 -- 7 divides into this new number exactly with nothing left over! The following fun tables are from one of my favorite books of all time, Recreations in the Theory of Numbers , by Albert H.

Beiler, published by Dover Publications. This book actually explains the mathematical reasons these tricks work. Each and every 2-digit number that ends with a 9 is the sum of the multiple of the two digits plus the sum of the 2 digits. A prime number is an integer greater than 1 that cannot be divided evenly by any other integer but itself and 1. There are some ,,, possible ways of playing the first four moves on each side in a game of chess.

If all of the blood vessels in the human body were laid end to end, they would stretch for , miles. Strange things have been witnessed now in these new deserted lands Yellow Dawn — not all with limbs or with hands or feet, and some without heads. These are but rumours. Lazar Dinu lives in Bucharest, Romania. You should check out more of his work at:. The majority of urban spaces have been abandoned to the Infected, creatures that were once human.

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Whilst above, the orbital colonies spin within their artificial gravity wells, helpless observers to the shocking events below. Two survivors, both hungry for money and power, and fuelled by a desire to carve their names onto this new world. One provides services of violence and protection for powerful corporate criminals in New York; the other is a renegade intelligence agent forever running from the demons of his past.

Strangers, until events conspire to bring them together. Private armies. Corruption and murder on a massive scale. Both men seek to seize their opportunity at whatever personal cost. But a cosmic Evil has infiltrated the remote corners of these brutalised lands and it has its own plans.

Will these men work as one to defeat it or will their bitter rivalry bring about their destruction.